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Brain Tumour Survivor!


I have written books about my experiences and hopefully, they can help others.

The titles say it all. These books read like a series of diary entries.  Brain Tumour Diagnosis, Surgery, Physical Recovery and the Cognitive and Social Recovery Process.

It shares the highs and lows along the way. It is a story of love and of loss but always determination to never give up.


A Brain Tumour's Travel Tale


Books Brain Tumour Survivor Story

A Brain Tumour's Travel Tale

The book Starts In 2008 When Claire was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour when she was just 25. She keeps a diary that she has now turned into this book. 

It is not always easy for a person from the outside to see what is really happening to someone affected by a traumatic experience as such as this. The book shows a girls true emotions and hardships of a brain tumour, surgery, recovery and then the scars inside and out. 

There is love, friendship and courage. This book may help families and friends or other outsiders to see what a brain tumour survivor really wants you to know.

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Just A Girl And Her Thoughts

Is the follow up to the book ‘A Brain Tumour's Travel Tale'. Claire Bullimore was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2008 and shared her story as a series of diaries. After surviving her ordeal she went on to be a brain tumour support advocate.

A story of a brain tumour survivor and moving on to being a advocate of brain tumour support

Just A Girl And Her Thoughts

This book is written to give encouragement to any person who is now at the beginning of their new journey. Claire was left with several post-operative complications. She was left with Quadrantanopia Hemianopia, seizure medication, memory loss, speech deficit just to mention a few. 

But, Claire has never stopped doing things that are out of her comfort zone. Claire went from personal tragedy to love and loss. She stepped out of her comfort zone to overcome a heart-breaking challenge that life threw at her. the struggle of the physical, cognitive and social recovery process with all the highs and lows along the way. 

The story started when she wrote a ‘to do list' in December 2011 and decided to tick off all the boxes.


To Do List

  • Radio Show Interviews
  • Update Website
  • Produce Audio Book
  • Start Charity Of The Month Shows
  • Plan A Book Tour around the UK
  • Start 2nd Book
  • Start A Lifestyle Blog
  • Make YouTube Channel
  • Record Some Songs For YouTube
  • I will NOT let ANXIETY hold me back


This story is here to show that even with disabilities and with a crippling anxiety disorder, you can do anything if you put your mind to it, even if it is somewhat damaged. 

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What To Do When Doctors Say: We Cannot Help You

Claire Interviews Brain Tumour Survivor Leon Jefferson






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