Online Support for Brain Tumour sufferers, survivors, family, friend.


Hi, I'm Claire!


I help people affected by a brain tumour, whether it is cancerous or benign. ( Tumor if you are not in the UK ). I am here for sufferers, Survivors family or friend. My goal is to have a place for people anywhere in the world via social media.


In 2011 social media was only just getting going, and there were very few places to find support online unless you searched the web. 


Why the heck would I want to get involved with brain tumours?  Well, because being told you or your loved one has ‘a brain tumour’ is a life-changing event, whether it is cancerous or benign. I was diagnosed with a brain tumour when I was just 25 in 2008, and I know the struggles that come with this devastating diagnosis. 


I started Aunty M Brain Tumours on the 23rd May 2011. It was my 3rd Cranniversary. I wanted to celebrate my 3rd year since my brain surgery (craniotomy) and start something new. I started on Facebook than Twitter and then onto all other kinds of social media platforms.

To show I am not just talking the talk, I also walk the walk. You can find pieces of me in places such as The Sun, Choice Magazine, Best Magazine and Bella Magazine.


You can find my BLOG here and I'll share all I can with you.   


I have written books about my experiences and hopefully, they can help others.

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Join others online at Aunty M Brain Tumours

Aunty M Brain Tumours Is Here For You

An online support network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), around the world, to help people meet and encourage other brain tumour sufferers, survivors, family or friend.


"Being told you or your loved one has ‘a brain tumour’ is a life-changing event, whether it is cancerous or benign. You are not alone and there is lots of support out there for you. x


My Story

Life Story

Just a Girl and Her Thoughts

This is an honest reminder of how fragile life can be. Claire's selfless bravery to help others is ​astounding, couple this with the moral courage to share her story makes for a great read. Her view that nothing is impossible truly shines through. This book will give hope to many people facing uncertainty and sorrow. - Amazon Review

Life Story

A Brain Tumour's Travel Tale

The title says it all. This book reads like a series of diary entries. It is honest and informative. Apart from the person who has or had the brain tumour I think families and friends who are affected will also find it informative and useful. It is written in a way that is easily understandable and children may also find it helpful. It is easy to read but packs a powerful punch - Amazon Review 

A Brain Tumours Travel Tale Book Tour Photos

How amazing isn’t it to see your dream come to life. I had the pleasure of visiting over 12 Cities in the UK. I have taken my book and my story to York, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Derby, Sheffield, Southampton, Bedford, Birmingham, Brighton, Manchester and Preston.


Every stop made me appreciate the support people give each other to get through a terrible frightening and  heart wrenching trial. Every place people have one goal. To KICK ASS and be able to cope with their own journey.  Looking for information and hearing each others stories. I have met survivors, sufferer and people who lost a loved one or are looking for understanding for what their loved one is feeling right now. - Claire Bullimore

Support is Available

You can go to any of these wonderful charities around the UK

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